Happy Valentine’s Day and Lent!

Having eaten my bodyweight in pancakes last night, I decided to write something about lent. I am not at all religious, but do think lent, like New Year, is a good time to press the restart button and think about things I might want to do differently.

Since Christmas our house has been full of snot and injuries, so I think it’s time for us to look after ourselves a bit better. I have invested in some multi-vitamin tablets and ice packs, but as I told my husband yesterday, (when he came home to find our eldest with another temperature and looked at the packet and said ‘did you give her multi-vitamins today’) these are not miracle workers. Therefore, I think there are a few things that might help:-

Slow down – Injuries and illness are definitely more rife when I am trying to do too much. I am training for a half marathon and I think I went too much too soon. I need to step it up gradually and not worry that the training plan says 10 miles this weekend.

Sleep more – Children have a major influence on this, however going to bed earlier will at least mean I get a head start on any early morning.

Drink more – water, not alcohol!

Take time out – I feel guilty when I am doing something just for me, but I always appreciate my family more when I do.

This year the start of Lent happily coincides with Valentine’s Day – maybe, then, instead of giving something up, I should take something up. I am going to look after the ones I love by looking after myself better, because if I’m not firing on all cylinders, I am not much use to them.


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