FinalImageSuzanne qualified as a massage therapist, at the Cotswold Academy of Health and Beauty in Cirencester, in 2013.  With a diploma in massage, she specialises in Pregnancy, Deep Tissue and Elderly massage,  where she easily adapts her style to suit a wide variety of client needs.

As a keen rower, when she was younger, she really benefitted from regular deep tissue massages.  Having such a positive experience, she was inspired to move into massage therapy and support others with similar issues.  She has now ‘retired’ from rowing but runs regularly and is acutely aware of the importance of massage as part of any sports training programme.  Any level of massage will help; from relaxation to remedial and deep tissue massage.

As well as her interest in sport, she is also a mum of 2 girls.  She has a good understanding of the wide variety of matters massage can help relieve during pregnancy and beyond – even if it is just an hour to yourself!

In addition, she has also developed an interest in supporting elderly clients through massage.  She understands the importance of maintaining an independent and active lifestyle as we age, and firmly believes that regular massage is a good tool to enable this.