Will you be my friend?

The end of summer means back to normality.  Having had a very busy August I am definitely looking forward to getting back into a routine.  However, in the military world, summer often means a lot of change and in Shrivenham I think it is even more so.  Most people are here for a year maximum… Continue reading Will you be my friend?

Wedding Bells

Weddings – they are a bit like buses.  You don’t have any for a year and then two come along in the same week. We are now at the age that wedding invites have significantly slowed down, compared to 2009, where we were invited to 11.  Needless to say we didn’t go on holiday that year,… Continue reading Wedding Bells

Our Borrowed Family

As we said goodbye to yet another family this week, it made me wonder how many times the girls will do this over the years.  It’s not us leaving this time, but my eldest daughter is now on her 3rdhouse, 4thnursery and 2ndcountry.  Although she may not remember most of them, she does know that… Continue reading Our Borrowed Family

Faster with age

On Sunday I ran the White Horse Half Marathon.  Training hadn’t gone quite as I had hoped, having hurt my knee early on in the 12-week plan, however I still managed to knock over a minute off my previous personal best.  Not bad for a 38 year old mum of 2. Having started my sporting… Continue reading Faster with age