Is the background noise too loud?

I talk a lot about treating people with chronic pain, so I thought it would be helpful to explain a little about what it actually is. Pain is a complex beast, so I can’t claim to do the subject justice in one blog. So, here is a tip of the iceberg description and why it… Continue reading Is the background noise too loud?

The Heady Heights

Wow, you’re tall – how tall are you?” Is a question I often get. At just shy of 6’ I am above average height for both men and women in the UK, so I suppose it is not a surprising, if somewhat blunt, question. However, this is not the most inconvenient thing about being tall.… Continue reading The Heady Heights

Time is an Illusion

It has been a while since I've written anything but a conversation at the weekend prompted me to have a go again.  The main reason I haven't is I don't seem to have had the time.  Summer holidays without a moment to myself, then ramping up the marathon training to 3 hour runs, meant that… Continue reading Time is an Illusion