Is the background noise too loud?

I talk a lot about treating people with chronic pain, so I thought it would be helpful to explain a little about what it actually is. Pain is a complex beast, so I can’t claim to do the subject justice in one blog. So, here is a tip of the iceberg description and why it… Continue reading Is the background noise too loud?

The sharp end of pain >

I talk a lot about chronic pain, mainly because the majority of my clients suffer from it.  Having just studied acute pain, I thought it might be helpful to write something about it.  Hopefully my ramblings will help prevent a few people’s pain from becoming chronic.  So often I hear ‘I dislocated my shoulder ten years ago’ or… Continue reading The sharp end of pain >

The Heady Heights

Wow, you’re tall – how tall are you?” Is a question I often get. At just shy of 6’ I am above average height for both men and women in the UK, so I suppose it is not a surprising, if somewhat blunt, question. However, this is not the most inconvenient thing about being tall.… Continue reading The Heady Heights

Racing Again!

For my new followers, as well as a massage therapist, I am also a keen runner.  During these crazy times, it has definitely been a sanity saviour.  An opportunity to get out the house, have some time to myself, discover new places and just think about putting one foot in front of the other.   As well as… Continue reading Racing Again!

Time is an Illusion

It has been a while since I've written anything but a conversation at the weekend prompted me to have a go again.  The main reason I haven't is I don't seem to have had the time.  Summer holidays without a moment to myself, then ramping up the marathon training to 3 hour runs, meant that… Continue reading Time is an Illusion