Is the background noise too loud?

I talk a lot about treating people with chronic pain, so I thought it would be helpful to explain a little about what it actually is. Pain is a complex beast, so I can’t claim to do the subject justice in one blog. So, here is a tip of the iceberg description and why it… Continue reading Is the background noise too loud?

Marching Out

When my husband asked me to move in with him 10 years ago I doubt I had any idea of what that actually meant. Initially unmarried and living in a rented cottage, life wasn’t that much different than when I had been living in my own flat. I had swapped my lovely flatmate, for a… Continue reading Marching Out

Time for a Plan

On this the last day of January, I reach the first anniversary of starting my business in the UK!  Happy Birthday Suzanne Wigmore Massage Therapist!  One of my New Year’s resolutions was to write a business plan, so as I reach this milestone, it feels like a good time to do it, whilst also reflecting… Continue reading Time for a Plan

Perception is Reality

"Are you all set for Christmas then?"  As December progresses, the rate at which this question is asked increase and, depending on how organised you are, the answers range from "I've started" (translation - I've thought about it and picked up a few bits while doing the supermarket shop, but most of it will be… Continue reading Perception is Reality

Will you be my friend?

The end of summer means back to normality.  Having had a very busy August I am definitely looking forward to getting back into a routine.  However, in the military world, summer often means a lot of change and in Shrivenham I think it is even more so.  Most people are here for a year maximum… Continue reading Will you be my friend?