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What would my 25 year old self think?

Today is my birthday.  My 4 year old daughter is so excited, probably because of the prospect of cake and the fact she, and her little sister, helped me open my presents.  Birthdays are so important for little people – pretty much straight after her last birthday, she was already talking about her next one.  Although I’m not sure if she can get her head around me being 38.  It is such a big number, that she can just about count to it, if she doesn’t get distracted before she gets there.

I can’t quite believe I’m 38 either.  I still feel about 25 and often think ‘how did I manage to get here?’.  If I think too much about the journey I have taken I wonder how things could have been different.  I may not be using my engineering degree very much anymore, but if it hadn’t been for it, I wouldn’t have married my husband and have my 2 little girls.

I am now enjoying a new career having just started my massage business.  As a mum and a military wife it was important for me to have flexibility, but also something that I love and is mine.  I have never been self-employed before either, so the whole business side of things is just as interesting and challenging as the treatments.

So, what would my 25 year old self think?  Would she wonder why she spent 4 years struggling over thermodynamics, or would she congratulate me on applying process improvement to setting up my business or even the dreaded bath time.  I am always of the opinion that things happen for a reason and it is not about how you got there, but what you do next.  I am excited about what the next year will bring and the adventures that are sure to follow.

Thinking about that engineering degree, I don’t know that the human body is that different to a car when you take it back to basic principles.  They both need fuel, maintenance and a run around to keep them going.

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