Welcome to Suzanne Wigmore Massage Therapist.

Have you been suffering for some time with aches and pains, just hoping they would go away?  It could be that your neck is stiff from crouching over a laptop; or your shoulders ache from carrying a toddler around a supermarket.  Maybe your lower back has never fully recovered from landscaping the garden.  Even if your legs are stiff from running, or your knees creak from arthritis, or maybe you’re 8 months pregnant and just looking for some time out, I can help you.

Qualified as a Jing Method™ Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage Therapist. I specialise in treating chronic pain through a variety of techniques, including Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release and Stretching. I can adapt the treatment to best suit your needs. However you come to me, you will leave ready to take on the world again!

I have a treatment room in Watchfield and can offer a mobile option, so whether you prefer to come to a clinic to be treated or in the comfort of your home, the choice is yours.

As a woman of advancing years, I am only too familiar with the minor aches and pains time brings.  But several months ago, I became aware of increasing pain down the right side of my body and up my shoulder and neck.  This, I felt, was caused by strain through having to walk with a crutch in my left hand – over the years I have had hip, knee and ankle surgery, leaving my right leg shorter than my left.

Then a friend recommended Suzanne to me and what a difference she has made!  She comes to me on a regular basis and gives my back and neck a thorough massage.  Over the months the pain has lessened to a degree now when I hardly feel it at all.  My posture is much improved, as is my balance, and I lean less heavily on my crutch.

I cannot praise Suzanne enough and would thoroughly recommend her.


“Excellent Massage Therapist, Suzanne is really attentive and provided an excellent service. I will certainly be booking again thank you !”